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HUBLOT Europe’s Highest Grass POLO Event

To make a change, Hublot took up residence at 1,000 metres above sea level to celebrate a 2,000 year-old sport: polo. Recognised as the highest tournament in Europe, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup marched to the beat of the Swiss watchmaker for the 11th consecutive year. For four days, Gstaad and its aerodrome’s legendary Bernese grass field, with its air of Argentine pampas, welcomed four teams with a total handicap of 14—the highest level played on grass in Switzerland—and almost 6,000 spectators. The chukkers played to the rhythm of hooves and mallets, officially timed by Hublot, who declared the Clinique la Prairie team as the winner of this 24th edition.


Hublot is here again! The continuity and longevity of our partnerships is what makes them so strong! Relationships of trust built up over many years for unique, different partnerships that always remain the first of their kind. It has now been 11 years for Hublot and the Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad – and it is not over!

Ricardo Guadalupe CEO Hublot