POLO & Lifestyle BEAUTY & WELLNESS Awards 2024

The POLO & Lifestyle BEAUTY & WELLNESS Awards 2024 are now open until the 29th April.

About the awards

The POLO & Lifestyle Awards celebrate and encourage all kind of brands around Skincare, Beauty, Wellness related brands and Supplements, who create products in a sustainable way, natural and long lasting.

We welcome business owners from all backgrounds, whether you are a one man brand or have employees. Our aim is to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. We appreciate that some business owners may have different fields of expertise. Therefore, individuals may enter more than one category where relevant. Self nominations as well as client nominations are welcomed.

Why Enter?

​There are many reasons why entering into the POLO & Lifestyle Awards will be of benefit to your business.

Marketing and exposure – Just being shortlisted can make others more aware of your business through our range of marketing tools. Finalists can increase their PR through networking with others within this field, proudly using the POLO & Lifestyle Awards logo on their business cards, websites and social media as well as being featured on our website, social media and blog. Winning an award further increases your marketing opportunities and gets your name heard throughout the area.

Winners will benefit of receiving a feature where we talk about the brand, product and possible interview with the owner/CEO of the brand with link to the brands website and social channels.

Credibility and loyalty– By entering the awards, you are showing to clients that you are an expert in your field and leading others in your category. Winning reinforces this as clients are more likely to be drawn to those who can demonstrate their credibility, not only through their physical work but also through an independently verified organisation – the POLO & Lifestyle Awards.

Networking Opportunities – We all need to work together when it comes to growing our business. Being a finalist can help you to meet and network with others within your own field of expertise as well as others, so you can forge working relationships.

Recognition – You deserve to be recognised for all your hard work and achievements! It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to not only train but to build a client base in a such a busy market. Entering the awards gives you the opportunity to get the recognition you rightfully deserve.

Celebrate Your Success! – What better way to celebrate your achievement than by celebrating with us and with your friends and loved ones?  


Please contact Fiona, email: fiona@poloandlifestylemagazine.com

James, email: james@poloandlifestylemagazine.com


Scarlett Stilling Editor-in-Chief & Entrepreneurial Businesswoman, she is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of POLO & Lifestyle The London Magazine. Scarlett is an Entrepreneurial Businesswoman, Author and passionate about the sport of Polo, travel, art and beauty. Her work can regularly be seen in her column on Forbes Middle East, one of the world’s most influential economic magazines. Her families business is in the skincare sector which her grandmother 1986 founded. ”I grew up with skincare and beauty because it is my families business, that’s why I have an excellent knowledge about products and their quality”.

Gilan Fatayri is Senior news anchor at AlArabiya Tv Channel and based in Dubai. She conducted major interviews with prominent political figures worldwide. Gilan had a weekly political show and also she had a NGO in Lebanon to promote culture and social activities. Besides her successful career, she is a beauty and skincare lover that’s why Gilan makes the ideal jury member.

Josephine Villa is a beauty and skincare Esthetician from New York. She works for around 8 years in the skincare sector and has a fantastic knowledge about the different products on the market and knows what a good product makes and has to have. Josephine’s extensive knowledge and compassionate personality makes her the ideal jury member.

Carmen W. is an award-winning skincare developer and expert specialising within the beauty, wellness and health sectors. She works since 1984 in the beauty sector and has curated a portfolio of exceptional brands worldwide. Her company Beauty Clinic Son Vida has a steadfast reputation for developing award winning skincare and wellness related products to enable clients to take their brand to the next level.


The testing & judging process for the P&L BEAUTY WELLNESS Awards is in four stages.

Stage 1

Entry forms are checked to ensure that products entered.

Stage 2

Once entries are accepted, the brand needs to send 2 of each product you are entering. When product samples are received at our offices, a full-size sample of each is then sent for a month’s in-depth testing of its qualities and efficacy to our experienced testers, carefully selected, all of whom are passionate about natural and high quality products.

Testers put products through their paces for four weeks, assessing how the products do their job, and how they benefit the part of the body on which they are used.

Once the testing period is over, testers complete detailed questionnaires on each of the products, and return them to us, with scores. Their scoring is based on day-to-day performance and month-long efficacy.

From these scores, a list of finalists is drawn up. Broadly speaking, if at least three out of the four testers report positively on the product, it will reach the final.

Stage 3

Products which reach the final go forward to week-long judging sessions.

The judging panels variously consist of beauty writers, skincare professionals, experts, brand owners, beauty bloggers, cosmetic formulators, and consumers.

The judges are free to open and examine the products, read entry forms, and will hear summaries of testers’ feedback on each product.

Judges will discuss these, and give credit to entries on the basis of many attributes, including:

1/ Innovation, versatility, quality of formulation, skin-healthfulness of ingredients …

2/ Suitability for consumers on various restricted lifestyles (eg vegetarian, vegan, kosher / halal) or those avoiding certain ingredients (eg food allergens, fragrances).

3/ Labelling qualities: transparency in declarations of ingredient sources; consumer suitability; legibility and visibility of ingredients, properties and product instructions.

4/ Value for money, packaging / presentation, eco / green / charitable qualities, etc.

Subsequently, by combining testers’ and judges’ feedback, Bronze, Silver and Gold ‘medals’ will be decided in each category.

Stage 4

Once category winners are decided, a select judging panel will convene and decide on the awards.

The results will be announced online in June 2024 (date TBC).