The testing & judging process for the P&L BEAUTY WELLNESS Awards is in four stages.

Stage 1

Entry forms are checked to ensure that products entered comply with our Criteria.

Stage 2

Once entries are accepted and product samples are received at our offices, a full-size sample of each is then sent for a month’s in-depth testing of its qualities and efficacy to 4 experienced testers, carefully selected, all of whom are passionate about natural and high quality products.

Testers put products through their paces for four weeks, assessing how the products do their job, and how they benefit the part of the body on which they are used.

Once the testing period is over, testers complete detailed questionnaires on each of the products, and return them to us, with scores. Their scoring is based on day-to-day performance and month-long efficacy.

From these scores, a list of finalists is drawn up. Broadly speaking, if at least three out of the four testers report positively on the product, it will reach the final.

Stage 3

Products which reach the final go forward to week-long judging sessions.

The judging panels variously consist of beauty writers, skincare professionals, experts, brand owners, beauty bloggers, cosmetic formulators, and consumers.

The judges are free to open and examine the products, read entry forms, and will hear summaries of testers’ feedback on each product.

Judges will discuss these, and give credit to entries on the basis of many attributes, including:

1/ Innovation, versatility, quality of formulation, skin-healthfulness of ingredients …

2/ Suitability for consumers on various restricted lifestyles (eg vegetarian, vegan, kosher / halal) or those avoiding certain ingredients (eg food allergens, fragrances).

3/ Labelling qualities: transparency in declarations of ingredient sources; consumer suitability; legibility and visibility of ingredients, properties and product instructions.

4/ Value for money, packaging / presentation, eco / green / charitable qualities, etc.

Subsequently, by combining testers’ and judges’ feedback, Bronze, Silver and Gold ‘medals’ will be decided in each category.

Stage 4

Once category winners are decided, a select judging panel will convene and decide on the awards.

The results will be announced online in June 2023 (date TBC).