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Interview with Agustin Arellano Professional Polo Player

It was a pleasure to talk to professional polo player Agustin Arellano about his passion polo and his personal insider tip for striking the perfect hit.

 How did you get started in polo? Did you always wanted to become a professional polo player?

I started riding before I could walk. My parents just plopped me on a pony and that’s where the story began!

Agustin Arellano
photo credit: @22gates_va

What sort of physical training do you go through?

I train 5 times a week in the gym doing weights and stretching. I try to incorporate a lot of yoga into my training.

How do you prepare before a match?

I am a firm believer in meditation and visualization. I take the time to get my breathing right, before a game. I will visualize the game and play the whole game in my mind before I play.

Agustin Arellano
photo credit: @lominska

What is your personal insider’s tip for striking the perfect hit?

Look underneath the ball!

What do you enjoy about polo?

The horses! It’s all about the horses. There isn’t anything else like it in the world. Horses are soulful animals and they are so trusting and willing to please. The fact that we get to ride around and play a game on a 1,000 pound animal is unbelievable.

photo credit: @hopearellano

What is the most important thing the game of polo has taught you?

Sportsmanship and horsemanship. Two things that I think translate into everything in life! It is discipline, patience, and trust in yourself.

Which tournament, if you had to pick just one, has been your favorite to participate in and why?

The FIP World Cup. I got to play for the US team which is a dream for every player. I got to play with my sister and my father was coach! It doesn’t get much better than playing polo with family. We made it so far and only lost by one in overtime of the final. It was incredible to share that with my country, my family, and my friends.

What is one motto you live by?

It’s never going to be the perfect time. Go for it.

cover photo: @julioaaguilar