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Modern Rustic Minimalism Embrace New Kitchen Aesthetics with Home Barn 

There is an art to achieving the perfect rustic kitchen. From wooden textures to one-of–a-kind pieces, it’s time to celebrate the world of antiques and reclamation, bringing the beauty of unique and natural materials to the fore.

In this article Sarah and Sally Wilkie, Founders of Home Barn, share their insight on how to bring the modern rustic look into the heart of the home through furniture and finishing touches.

Mix and Match Different Materials

Modern Rustic Minimalism Kitchen

“The artful combination of pairing different materials brings a fresh new perspective to kitchens. Wooden details, soft marble and sleek ceramic tiles all offer a pared-back design aesthetic that carries harmoniously over the years. The juxtaposition of these materials also creates a serene yet inviting atmosphere, where rustic simplicity is honoured without compromising on sophistication. We would always recommend experimenting with different materials in the kitchen as it’s often an area where you will be entertaining guests, therefore creating an inviting and intriguing space will always give you an interesting talking point during get-togethers.”

Feature Vintage Pieces

“Narrating stories of bygone eras, vintage and reclaimed elements, such as weathered wooden utensils, antique crockery and ceramic vases will all infuse the kitchen with a sense of history and character. Moreover, by carefully selecting these pieces in a minimalist setting, you can achieve a beautiful focal point that will prevent the space from feeling sterile or overly uniform. Additionally, your kitchen will never age due to each piece’s timeless allure, serving as both functional tools as well as decorative elements.”

Layer Surfaces & Shelving

Modern Rustic Minimalism Kitchen

“Within any kitchen scheme or interior setting, the strategic layering upon surfaces and shelving brings a nuanced sophistication to a space. Beautiful wooden reclaimed dining tables or even sleek countertops made up of materials such as quartz or concrete, will provide a contemporary foundation for layering. These areas can then be adorned with rustic elements such as antique bowls, decorative pots and eclectic stoneware, each bringing a distinctive look and feel to kitchens. We particularly love how reclaimed chopping boards look when thoughtfully placed in varying sizes on a natural stone surface, as they offer that rustic edge which is packed with character.”

Embrace Open-Plan Living

“Whether you are limited on space or you have plenty, an open-plan kitchen and dining area can be a functional and aesthetically pleasing design layout – as it will foster a sense of connectivity and minimalist spaciousness. This design approach also encourages social interaction and allows natural light to permeate throughout. A beautiful reclaimed dining table will sit beautifully in an open-plan space, particularly if the setting is light and airy. It adds warmth whilst filling an empty area – it also allows you to be in the presence of your guests if you’re entertaining over the festive seasons.”