5 Simple Steps to Master Interior Design

5 Simple Steps to Master Interior Design with Juliettes Interiors

Designing and styling a home should be a fun and creative process, but sometimes it can prove to be an overwhelming project with so many areas to consider at once. Juliette Thomas, Founder and Director of London-based Juliettes Interiors, is on hand to explain how homeowners can master interior design in 5 simple steps.

Start with a colour palette

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A good place to begin is by creating your own mood board with your preferred colours for each room. Whether renovating an entire room or making a few smaller changes, once your palette is established, it is then easier to design the rest of the room from there. Order paint samples, refer to your current furniture and accessories for inspiration, and then build a design from there.

Choose and layout furniture

Simple Steps to Master Interior Design

Once you’ve chosen your colours and created the perfect backdrop with your wall colour, the next step is to choose and arrange furniture. If you’re looking to buy new pieces, ensure they are the correct size and style for the space. Choosing furniture for a room can be a challenge, so try not to overcrowd it as it can look cluttered. Instead, opt for beautifully made, functional pieces that serve the purpose of each room.

To give your home a refresh without purchasing new furniture, rearranging what you have is a sure-fire way to give your home a new lease of life. According to psychologists, keeping furniture in the same position can cause many people to feel uninspired, so it’s important to shake things up in order to keep things fresh. Rearranging or updating your furniture in small ways is known to elevate your mood and instill satisfaction, creativity and comfort.

Look to the light

Interior designers consider various aspects of lighting when planning and executing their designs since it can have a profound impact on the look, ambience and functionality of a room. Start by looking at how much natural light the room receives. If the room is darker, you may need to incorporate more forms of lighting to help the space feel larger, whereas if you’re lucky enough to have large windows, a lighting plan is still key – but you may just need less of it.

Opting for a combination of lights can really benefit the space. Upgrading your lighting with a combination of floor lamps, table lamps and ceiling lights will instantly elevate any space and allow full flexibility so the design can suit your specific needs and preferences.

Less is more

Simple Steps to Master Interior Design

Possibly the most simple and effective way to improve the look and feel of your home is by thoroughly decluttering and organising it. To create the chic designer aesthetic means minimising what is on display and streamlining your possessions.

Any great interior designer will tell you that there should be a suitable place for anything you bring into your home, whether it’s books, ornaments, table lamps or even cushions – so hide away what you can into organised storage behind closed doors, whilst still ensuring your personality shines through. A clutter-free home not only looks aesthetically-pleasing, but it is also known to have significant mental health benefits, as the saying goes ‘tidy home, tidy mind’.

Don’t forget the final details

This is what makes a home, a home. Whether it’s adding framed wall art, cleverly positioned mirrors, beautifully textured cushions or personal possessions, these smaller details make all the difference to help a room look visually striking and comfortable – whilst still showcasing your personal style. According to WGSN, cosy neutrals are a popular choice for homeowners right now, so try inviting these timeless hues in via your accessories, décor and soft furnishings. Try introducing tonal colour-blocking to build a subtle contrast and incorporate textures throughout to add visual interest.

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Simple Steps to Master Interior Design