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Taking Home Design to the Next Level

Taking Home Design to the Next Level Striking Staircases by Aflux Designs

A first impression in many homes, not only do staircases create access between different levels, but they also provide the opportunity to add a distinctive architectural flair to hallways – often setting the tone for the rest of the scheme.

From an industrial spiral staircase to a traditional curved design, Amit Malhotra and Sara Ripamonti, Founders of interior and architectural studio Aflux Designs, share their insight on how a bespoke staircase can make all the difference:

Choose the right shape

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“When designing or renovating a hallway, it’s vital to design a staircase that maximises the space available to you and allows for as much light as possible to stop the hallway feeling too dark or enclosed. You may not be able to achieve your preferred shape, but if you opt for a bespoke staircase, it can be tailored to your specifications. For example, if your entryway is on the smaller side, choose a design that helps create a feeling of space – such as a cantilever design that allows light through each of the treads. If you’re hoping for the staircase to be more of a feature, opt for a curved or spiral staircase to enhance your hallway.”

Combine functionality with flair

“For those with limited space in their homes, the area under the staircase can provide the perfect opportunity for additional functions. Whether a hidden downstairs toilet, a hallway cupboard for coats, bags and shoes or the perfect work-from-home nook, this space is often unused in many homes – so opt for a bespoke joiner who can personalise the additional space to suit the needs of your household.”

Think about the material

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“As one of the first things both you and your guests see on arrival, it’s important to make a good first impression and ensure the staircase complements the style of your home. Whether classic wood, minimalist glass or modern metal, the material you choose should create a harmonious flow that brings the different levels of your home together. Think about both practicality and preferred style. For example, wood is extremely versatile, hardwearing and timeless – plus it can be painted in a variety of colours meaning it is easier to adapt over time if your style changes. Glass however allows more light to travel through it, but can be more maintenance, especially with a young family.”

Aflux Designs combine quality customer service with an affordable luxury ethos. Coordinating projects from start to finish, the knowledgeable team offer the perfect balance of personal and professional, creating beautifully bespoke residential and commercial projects with personality.

Photography Credits Vigo Jansons Photography