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Characterful Bathrooms With Vintage Elements

Characterful Bathrooms With Vintage Elements

Designing a characterful bathroom is the ambition of many. Getting it right can elevate the design and create a sense of nostalgia that makes every shower sheer bliss. 

But what form should your vintage-inspired bathroom take? That’s the topic of this post. We explore the characterful elements designers include to bring their visions to life. 

Repurposed Vanities

Top of the list of fittings to include is a repurposed vanity. These provide space for putting on makeup in the morning or brushing your teeth at night. 

Modern vanities are okay, but vintage delights often have significantly more character. Many are made of hand-crafted wood and marble for a more personal appeal than the mass-produced stuff. 

If you decide to include an older vanity in the room, pair it with a mirror on the wall (unless the unit includes its own). Add decorative items, including flowers, to either side of the sink. 

Choose Your Colour Scheme Wisely

If you’re trying to create the ultimate vintage bathroom, you’ll also need to choose your colour scheme wisely. You don’t want any repurposed or upcycled furniture to clash. 

Most vintage bathroom interiors have pale pink or powder blue colour themes. You can also use mint green for something a bit more mid-century. 

You don’t have to paint the entire room in these colours, just enough to create an impression and complement your existing vintage themes. Adding flecks of colour creates visual interest here and there, preventing spaces from looking too monochrome

Proficiency Bespoke provides some examples of what a high-quality colour scheme looks like when complete. Interiors look professional, but not overwhelming. 

Add Tiles To The Room

Adding tiles to your bathroom is another excellent way to make it appear more vintage. If you can source tiles with midcentury partners on them, then you will change the way the room looks, altering its atmosphere to feel more like a mid-century home. 

The most popular retro tiles for bathrooms are subway tiles. However, you can pick tiles with geometric patterns too if you feel it would suit your interiors better

Vinyl tiles are okay, but they don’t always look good once you lay them down. You can also try wood, but it is prone to warping. 

Add Mirrors

bathrooms vintage elements

Adding a vintage mirror to your bathroom is another excellent way to give it some character and help it stand out. If you’re going for the vintage look, choose one with ornate detailing to remind you of the past. 

Don’t be afraid to go large with your bathroom mirror. Many vintage designers oversized them to create more of a visual impact, and you can, too. 

Place Old-Time Accessories Around The Room

bathrooms vintage elements

Finally, place some old-time accessories around the room. These add to the character further and let you give your bathroom a complete look.

For example, you could include: 

  • Jars filled with various bath salts of different colours
  • Dishes and bowls that add your personality to a space
  • Antique soap dishes

Once you have all these in place, your bathroom will feel more complete.