You are currently viewing The networkx X POLO & Lifestyle Awards 2023 in Germany

The networkx X POLO & Lifestyle Awards 2023 in Germany

We are excited to share the news about our first networkx X POLO & Lifestyle the London Magazine Awards 2023 in Germany

We are feeling very grateful and blessed to know so many authentic, kind-hearted and collaborative individuals, super networkers and connectors but also super collaborative businesses. Obviously, life and karma (if you believe in it) bring back the kindness these individuals and companies bring to others….however I always felt that is not enough.
Instead of complaining about all the bad things happening in the world, we decided, we want to honor and celebrate these individuals and companies (in general & in the luxury sector), that make us feel – the future is bright (despite all the bad stuff such as COVID, wars etc happening in the world).

These are our 6 award categories, the top 10 per category will get awarded:

  • Superself Award, 
  • Supernetworker Award, 
  • Superconnector Award, 
  • Most collaborative Individual in Luxury Sports Award, 
  • Most collaborative Luxury Lifestyle & Living Business Award, 
  • Most collaborative Beauty Business Award

Here you can apply and nominate yourself or someone: NOMINATION

Application and winning do not cost you anything, however, you have the option to buy promotional packages. The winners are awarded at our great celebration on the 17th of June at the National German Low Goal Polo Championship at Polopark Berlin.

Thanks to our fellow organizers POLO & Lifestyle The London by Dr. Priscilla SchelpBaltic Polo Events Timmendorfer by thomas strunck