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Sybille de Margerie | French Interior Architect

Dreamy palaces, hôtels particuliers, the best addresses in the whole world… With elegance and rigour, Sybille de Margerie has forged an exceptional path with ambitious projects.

Based in Paris, Italy and Dubai. The agency primarily works on residential and hospitality projects.


For twenty-five years, the interior architect has weaved natural predilections in the heart of an exceptional culture where the made-to-measure rules supreme. This invaluable savoir-faire shared with a 20-person team of collaborators has formed the reputation of an internationally renowned studio where creativity never stops reinventing itself.


Brought up amongst Couture

The Cheval Blanc Hotel in Courchevel, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris, the Old and New Cataract in Aswan, the Hotel D in Strasbourg, The Grand in Amsterdam and other elite private projects… represent the art of decoration as much as they convey the image of a French “success story”.

Cheval Blanc Hotel in Courchevel



When starting out, Sybille de Margerie formed her taste for exquisite objects and beautiful places in the universe of the Taittinger family-run group (The Lutetia, The Crillon.) The circumstances allowed her to learn certain codes and experience the backstairs of luxury, from the inside.

An Independence achieved with Style

Her innate sophistication, furthered by a strong personality and bold taste, allowed the interior architect, trained at the esteemed Ecole Boulle to assert her own sense of luxury and service to highly exclusive projects.


“I like the balance between tradition and modernity, I attach a great importance to fluidity of spaces, light and comfort. My work is equally highlighted by the attention to detail, the choice of materials and the harmony of colours”.

“At the beginning of my career, I wanted to depersonalize the identity of my business in order to be recognized for my competence and not my name. Today, all my endeavours are associated with my name and it’s seems normal to state the signature of my projects”.



A Luxury that lives

Sybille de Margerie’s signature, feminine and poetic, reaches out into the most sophisticated spheres. Functional and contemporary, the attention to detail and the striving for perfection is such that it draws together all five senses into a multitude of impressions, sometimes irrational and immaterial.

Of course, that’s the sign of genuine luxury.

Being sensitive, emphatic and having respect for others permits Sybille de Margerie to anticipate the desires and understand the personalities involved. Confidence and loyalty in an exchange are indispensable for the success of a project. An essential capital for the freedom of creation.



The Spa of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Paris receives the “Hotel Spa of the Year” award

at the World Spa & Wellness Awards, for the European & Scandinavian category.


Mandarin Oriental, Paris receives the “Palace” distinction.


The Spa of the Hotel Mandarin Oriental Paris wins the “Prix Villegiature” prize for the best spa in a European Hotel as well as a European Hotel design award in the “spa, well-being and leisure equipment” category.


Cheval Blanc, Courchevel receives the “Palace” distinction.


The Grand, Amsterdam wins the “Prix Villegiature” prize for the best interior architecture of a European hotel.

The Bridges Restaurant in Amsterdam wins the “Venuez award” for “restaurant design of the year.”

Private Residence in London