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6 Foods That Benefit Your Oral Health

In this article we talk about the top foods that benefit your oral health

Whilst keeping your teeth clean and healthy is predominantly done through maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine, your diet also comes into play. There are certain foods that can actually benefit your oral health and help promote strong, healthy and stain-free teeth. Here, Dr Payal Bhalla, Dentist and Clinical Lead for Quest Dentalshares the 6 foods that benefit your oral health.

Dairy foods

Dairy products such as cows milk, yogurt and cheese are good for your teeth as they contain casein proteins that form a protective film on the surface of your teeth, these proteins then work to protect the hard outer layer of your teeth, otherwise known as enamel. These types of foods are also rich in calcium which help keep your bones, and teeth strong, they also contain minerals called phosphorus which repair any damage done to your teeth.

Crunchy veg

Crunchy veggies such as celery, carrot and apple are also good veggies to snack on throughout the day, as they help to keep your teeth and mouth clean, they do this because these types of hard, crunchy foods stimulate the flow of saliva which helps to prevent dry mouth and scrub away and food particles or bacteria that may be lingering in the mouth. And lingering foods in the teeth may promote teeth damage such as decay due to plaque laying dormant on the teeth for hours on end.

Leafy greens

Leafy green veggies such as lettuce and spinach can help keep your oral health in check by naturally strengthening your tooth enamel and providing a much needed barrier against bad bacteria. These types of foods are packed with vitamins and minerals all important to maintain your oral health and maintain strong teeth.


Nuts are packed with vitamin D and calcium, so munching on these throughout the day is a great way of snacking, that also benefits your teeth! Not only are nuts packed with vital nutrients, the crunching effect in your mouth actually stimulates saliva production and works to clean your teeth and mouth. The best nuts to eat are walnuts as these contain magnesium, iron, potassium, folic acid and many nutrients which help improve your oral health.

Meats and Fatty fish

Meats and fish are rich in protein and so they help to build and maintain strong teeth. Eating meat often means a lot of chewing also, and this is good for your teeth as the saliva produced from this helps to wash away debris and particles. Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in most fish also help to improve the overall health of teeth and help them become stronger, certain fish such as salmon are packed full of these4 fatty acids which help to heal your teeth from any abrasions, cuts or early signs of gum disease.

Green tea

Drinking green tea benefits your oral health as it can help to combat the bacteria that causes cavities, as well as helping to keep gums healthy, reducing inflammation and remineralising weak enamel. However, do be mindful about how much you drink and when you drink it. Drinking teas and coffees can often cause our teeth to stain, so ensure that you brush properly after drinking your tea.