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6 Skincare Habits A Facialist Would Never Do

In this article we share the 6 Skincare Habits A Facialist Would Never Do

Cecilia Ross, Founder of Cecilia London is a top London facialist and skincare expert, below she details 6 common skincare habits she would never do.

Follow social media skincare fads

It’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your skin, and purchasing products recommended on social media are likely to be great for one person, but not for you. Focus on your own skincare needs and consult a professional who can properly assess your skin before embarking on a new routine you’ve seen on social media that could do more harm than good. Trends such as ‘slugging’ will clog the pores of those with oily skin and prone to breakouts. 

Squeeze spots

Although it might be tempting to pop a spot, it can lead to more redness and swelling, as well as scaring. This means that the blemish will become more noticeable and delay the healing process. The only spot I would consider popping is a white or black head, these are close to the surface and don’t require as much intervention. When in doubt, see a professional who can care for your blemishes without the risk of infection and damage to the skin.

Use toothpaste to dry up spots

Put simply, toothpaste is far to harsh to use on your face! Toothpaste can irritate your skin and cause itching, inflammation and burning. Toothpaste is likely to cause more harm than good, clogging the pores and trapping bacteria, as it doesn’t contain any ingredients that target spots.

Put bar soap on my face 

Traditional bar soap is designed for the body, not your face. It’s often scented and is another product that is too harsh for the skin on your face. Using bar soap can leave your skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable, irritating the skin.

Use a towel to dry my face 

The towels we use everyday can be full of bacteria, wreaking havoc with your skin if you’re not washing them everyday. Wash your towels regularly, or use a clean flannel each time you wash and dry your face. I’d recommend buying 7 flannels so you have 1 a day and always have one to hand. They don’t need to be expensive, just cheap and cheerful to keep your skin clear and clean. 

Not reapply my suncream 

It’s super important to use a high quality SPF on your face, neck, arms and hands daily, ensuring you are regularly reapplying throughout the day, every two hours. Often women believe that if they have an SPF in their foundation, this is enough, but you need to apply before your foundation as the last step in your routine for maximum protection. SPF if the ultimate anti-ager so should be a step in your routine that you never miss out, even during the winter months. 

“you wear your skin everyday let it shine”

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Text by Cecilia Ross