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5 Indulgent Luxury Candles for Autumn

There’s been a change in the air – things have got that bit colder and darker. The tights and boots are out, and we are craving the cosy refuge of our homes more than we are being outside. It’s officially candle season and time to treat yourself to a new luxury home fragrance to have burning on these more gloomy nights.

Rigaud Cypres Candle With Lid – £70 from Roullier White

Luxury Candles for Autumn

This dreamy and enveloping candle has so miuch depth and detail to it’s scent that it’s worth every penny of it’s price tag. This is the brand’s star candle and it was created in 1959 to scent Madame Rigaud’s fashion boutique on the Champs Elysees in Paris. It’s a fresh, green scent; like a forest after a rainfall. First Lady Jackie Kennedy actually scented the White House with this scent. 

Potion Paris Rose, Peony & Wood Temptation Candle – £39.99 from Potion Paris

Potion Paris

This opulent, moody scent just embodies everything sumptuous and luxurious. It has been designed to smell like temptation and it does have that risque air. It’s warming and inviting, but there’s something dark there. A moody rose note, combines with rich jasmine and peony, tantalising pomegranate and a seductive musky sandalwood. Perfect for getting cosy with.

Mia Mae Black Plum & Rhubarb Soy Wax Candle – £20 from Mia Mae

Luxury Candles for Autumn
Mia Mae

If you’re not quite ready to get replace the sweet fruity scents of summer with something altogether darker, this is the candle for you. It’s sweet, comforting, fruity rhubarb and peach, with moody and more complicated plum and blackberry notes. It’s juicy and vibrant and it’s quite unique – that undertone of the darker fruits really adds a seasonal edge.

Anada Cedarwood, Patchouli, Bergamot & Juniper Wellbeing Candle – £26 from Anada


This warming scent is exactly what you need on a cold autumn night, sheltering from the chill outside. Woody, aromatic Cedarwood conjures up opulent, historic surroundings and wooden cigar boxes. Earthy and intense Patchouli will not be to everyone’s tastes, but it brings a sweet and heady edge to the fragrance. Bergamot lifts this with a touch of fresh sharpness, and Juniper brings together all these notes, with it’s woody and sharp scent.

Loewe Ivy Candle – £73 from Loewe

Luxury Candles for Autumn
Loewe Ivy Candle 

This green and leafy fragrance smells exactly like its name – ivy snaking up the wall, shielding the mystery within. When you light this candle, you’ll start to get the floral notes that were hidden at the first sniff. It’s mysterious and fresh, with that subtle rich floral resting underneath. Perfect for those who prefer fresher, cleaner scents at this time of year.

Curl up with a good book and the one you love this autumn season, and light a candle whose scent will feel like a warm blanket.

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