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The Luxury Wellness Supplements You Need In Your Life

Wellness is huge right now and the wellness space is crowded with experts and brands trying to push the latest products and innovations. We wanted to cut through the noise to bring you 5 tried-and-tested supplements that can slip easily into your daily routine, to help ease the strain of the modern world and to help give your body the nourishment it needs to power through.

111Skin Clarity Beauty Dose – £115 from 111Skin

Housed in a chic frosted glass bottle are 90 capsules of this supplement, designed to combat the intensity of acne and blemishes. It works on the theory that a lot of acne and blemished skin is often caused by imbalances in the gut. This digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement detoxifies and recolonises the gut in order to reset stressed cells (to maximise their antibacterial and anti-inflamatory responses), to alkalise the gut’s microflora and to strengthen your digestive system to prevent further imbalance. It’s a real ‘treat the inside to fix the outside’ approach. Zinc, Vitamin C, Evening Primrose, Chlorella and a whole host of other gut friendly ingredients will help to improve and brighten your stressed complexion.

Healist Calm Chews 460mg – £65 from Cult Beauty

Healist Calm Drops 200mg Discovery Size Calm Drops – £16 from Cult Beauty

The benefits of CBD are now widely known and respected, and Healist aim to balance, nurture and boost your body and mind to cope with the strains of everyday life. All of their products are plant-based, so suitable for every diet. Sweet gummies are an excellent way to take CBD if you don’t much like the taste of it. These gummies are designed to help you manage your daily stress and anxieties. They contain pure CBD, Ashwagandha (a medicinal herb that lowers blood sugar and cortisol stress-response levels), L-Theanine (an amino acid from green and black tea that boosts levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain to help you relax) and orange essential oil.

Healist also have CBD in dropper form, and their mini discovery size is a great way to test out how it works for you. These contain the same ingredients as above, but in addition have a calming terpene blend of chamomile, hops and cardamon; making it a perfect addition to a calming cup of chamomile tea. Alternatively you can place drops under your tongue. It’s designed to be taken daily and has cumulative effects.

Starpowa Premium CBD Vegan Gummies 5mg – £39.99 from Starpowa

Another excellent CBD brand is Starpowa. Their gummies are also Vegan and these are their lower-dose 5mg ones – perhaps a good starting point for someone new to CBD. They taste of apples and are all-natural. They follow rigourous testing and quality checks from leaf to bottle; ensuring the highest quality CBD. Designed to reduce anxiety and combat pain, these really are effective and you can move up to their higher dose gummies if 5mg isn’t enough for you.

WelleCo The Super Elixir Daily Greens – £65 from WelleCo

If you aren’t the biggest lover of your green vegetables, this is a great way to benefit from all the nutrition they contain. This fruit flavoured greens powder, from Elle McPherson’s brand, contains over 40 naturally-derived ingredients from wholefoods and herbal extracts, to vitamins and probiotics. It’s the powerhouse of supplements, designed to improve gut health, boost immunity, improve skin, hair and nail health, and give you an increase in energy. It’s the perfect supplement to add to your morning smoothie. The amount of healthy and nutritious ingredients and extracts it contains is incredible – everything from mushrooms to fortify your immune system, to antioxidant acai berries, to nutritious and protective wheatgrass. It’s an everything in one!

Osmosis Wellness Skin Perfection Elixir – £42.50 from Andy Millward

At first glance, this does look like a very pricey gimic, but if you look into the science behind it, it really is quite interesting, if you look at their recent studies. This is, in a sense, gold-infused mineral water; but it actually contains over 70 critical minerals for skin health and digestion, as well as acne-calming 24K gold and their own exclusive ‘harmonising’ technology to calm and reduce inflammation. Stay with me here as I know what you’re thinking. A recent study they conducted showed that this water really did improve skin clarity, even if it’s scientific authority is still being debated. If you suffer with bad acne or intense exzema, a few pumps of this orally morning and evening has got to be worth a try, right? It won’t exactly break the bank.

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Laura Pearson