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5 Luxury Candles to Remind You of Summers Abroad

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The world is slowly opening up again and getting safer, but we’re still not in a position where it would be sensible to go abroad on a summer vacation. It’s all about the staycation this year! If you are missing your foreign travels, here are 5 candles that will evoke memories of some amazing holiday destinations across the world.

Victoria Cator

Cala Grande, Italy

Cala Grande is a beautiful cliff-edged beach location on the Italian coast. Totally dreamy to all of us right now. The Victoria Cator Cala Grande Candle (£60 from Victoria Cator) has been created to smell like this stunning location. Top notes of mint, grapefruit, blackcurrant bud and lemon, mix with heart notes of tomato leaf, basil, ginger, clove and spicy jasmine. The base notes are clementine leaf, lemon oil and musk. To my nose, tomato leaf basil and mint are the dominent scents. It smells of sunbathing by beautiful ripe tomatoes growing on vines, fresh salads being prepared indoors, nearby citrus trees and salty sea air.

Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Baan Huay Sai, Thailand

This village in North Eastern Thailand is surrounded by wilderness, forest and flowers. Mae Chee Khan was born here and became a great monk of Thai forest tradition. She practised meditation and had incredible psychic abilities. Her existance was a life-long journey to enlightenment. The Lauren Dickenson The Ponderor Candle (£58 from Lauren Dickinson Clarke) has been designed to evoke the scents she would have experienced in this still and tranquil location when meditating. Notes of ylang ylang and neroli mix with tuberose and jasmine flowers. It’s a sweet and powdery floral that is instantly relaxing, bringing a feeling of zen.

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Beverly Hills, California

This is my favourite place in the world, so I couldn’t not include it. This upmarket city in Los Angeles County, houses many of the famous actors from neighbouring Hollywood and is a chic and beautiful place. The Diptyque Beverly Hills City Candle (£58 from Diptyque) reminds you so well of this stylish West coast location. California is synonymous with palm trees and Beverly Hills has many. This is a floral scent that evokes memories of the city’s beautiful floral gardens, the fresh greenness of the palm trees, cut through with the sharp freshness of lemon and mint notes; reflecting the constant sunshine and cool beverages.

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Wick + Wonder

New York City, New York

On the opposite coast in the US, New York City is a popular holiday destination for many. It’s a busy, frantic place that’s always full of people trying to get to and from work. On almost every corner, there’s a coffee shop and the scent of coffee always makes me think of this bustling city. The Wick + Wonder Coffee Bean Candle (£11 from Wick + Wonder) has that quintessential American coffee shop scent – sharp coffee mixed with sweet syrups and freshly baked pastries. Coffee notes mix with almond, vanilla and caramel notes to create this awakening scent that will give you an instant pick-me-up.

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County Wicklow, Ireland

This lush, green part of Ireland is home to a beautiful national park and is a tranquil holiday destination in the EU, for people to immerse themselves in nature. The Creed Green Irish Tweed Candle (£100 from Harvey Nichols) has been designed to evoke the scents of rural Ireland and its stunning greenery. It’s a heritage scent that evokes the country life. Cut grass, spring meadows, wild flowers and a drifting sea breeze from the Irish sea.

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Laura Pearson