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Walking in a Winter Wonderland – 10 beautiful winter gardens to visit this year

Outdoor experts have named the 10 most beautiful winter gardens to take a stroll around and admire the beauty spots.

Nature lovers are being told to wrap up warm, grab a hot drink and take a stroll outside to explore some of the best winter beauty spots.  

To help boost moods and improve our physical and mental wellbeing, the experts at have researched the ten most beautiful gardens perfect for a wintery walk. 

As we move into the heart of winter, public gardens are a great place to get outside and explore the winter wildlife, flowers and scenery. 

Some of the winter wonderlands include Anglesey Abbey in Cambridge, which was designed specifically for the colder months, and the Antrim Castle Grounds in Northern Ireland which is a great historic space boasting plenty of wildlife and seasonal plants. 

A spokesperson for Garden Buildings Direct said: “The winter months can be hard for many of us with alack of daylight hours and  dropping temperatures. But it’s still really important to get outside to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. 

“Luckily, there are some truly stunning spots for those wanting to take a stroll this winter. These gardens boast gorgeous flowers, plants and wildlife down their scenic paths. Best of all, taking a look around a winter garden is a cheap activity for the whole family and will keep everyone active while improving your mood.  

“A trip to any of the gardens in our list is sure to bring joy and brighten up even the chilliest of days. So grab your biggest coat, fill up a travel mug and get outdoors!”  

Garden Buildings Direct‘s top ten winter gardens to visit: 

1. Belsay Hall Gardens, Northumberland  

Owned by garden enthusiasts, Belsay Hall Gardens have been carefully crafted into a well-loved beauty spot. They have several formal gardens for visitors to wander around, including a winter garden. As temperatures drop those heading to Belsay can enjoy the beauty of three types of snowdrops, yellow-berried hollies and festive red rhododendrons all displayed within the winter garden.  

2. Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge  

This Cambridge-based winter garden was designed specifically for the snowy season, with flowers and plants chosen for their colours, appearance and fragrance during the winter months. With the dedication and work put into creating the perfect garden for a winter walk, Anglesey Abbey is a must see for all nature lovers.  

3. Cambo Gardens, Fife  

This gorgeous park spans a massive 2.5 acres and dates back to the 1800s. The gardens have been created with an emphasis on making year-round interest and beauty, meaning it is beautiful no matter the season. The winter garden is bursting with tall silver birch trees and gorgeous wintery snowdrops.   

4. Dyffryn Gardens, Cardiff  

This beautiful Welsh garden displays lots of life and colour over the winter months, making it a perfect spot for a winter stroll. Nature lovers should head to the arboretum to explore the festive holly berries, winter roses and beautiful red barks.   

5. Ardgillan Castle and Demesne, Ireland  

Ardgillan’s gardens bring a beautiful display of winter colour to visitors year-on-year through the variety of plants growing there – such as Jasmine, Mahonia and Viburnum. As nature lovers walk around the gardens they will surely be met with a wonderful fragrance from these plants, as well as greetings from robins and other wildlife to truly capture the bliss of a wintery walk.  

6. The Eden Project, Cornwall  

Escape the chilly weather and explore the wonders to be seen inside the Eden Project’s famous tropical biomes. With the largest indoor rainforest in the world, a diverse range of tropical plants and an amazing botanical garden, this spot is sure to distract from even the coldest of weather and is a must see for adults and children alike.  

7. Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire  

Perhaps one of the most widely known arboretums in the UK, this Gloucestershire spot has one of the most impressive tree collections globally and is definitely not your average garden! The park celebrates the festive season through their Enchanted Christmas event, encouraging visitors to wrap up warm and enjoy the beauty of the park.   

8. Dunham Massey Garden, Cheshire  

Dunham Massey’s winter garden boasts over 1600 trees, winter shrubs and evergreens, chosen specifically for their resilience and beauty throughout the winter months. The huge seven-acre garden is filled with flowers, greenery and wildlife which can be easily accessed by all visitors to the park. 

9. Flatford Wildlife Garden, Suffolk  

Whether you’re looking for a festive winter beauty spot, or seeking out the best winter wildlife, this Suffolk based garden is a must-see spot. Flatford Wildlife Garden is brimming with flocks of birds and flowers, making the garden a great place for all ages to enjoy a winter walk this year. 

10. Antrim Castle Grounds, Northern Ireland  

This site is over 400 years old, making the gardens a wonderful historic escape to wander around this winter. With free admission and scenic paths, wonderful features like the Yew Tree Pond and Her Ladyship’s Pleasure Garden, the grounds at Antrim are the perfect place for a beautiful winter walk.