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The 8 Best Shopping Streets to Visit Worldwide

The 8 Best Shopping Streets to Visit Worldwide

Numerous folks travel solely for shopping, seeking great deals or those elusive brands absent in their hometowns. Across the globe’s prominent cities, you’ll discover myriad streets adorned with diverse shops, o>en converging on grand avenues housing the finest boutiques. We compiled a list of the best 8 shopping streets worldwide where you ought to have your credit card ready. If you are hungry for more shopping streets, check the ultimate Lottoland Guide on shopping streets, where they share many more options for shopping enthusiasts.

5th Avenue, New York

Even though it got a bit of a modern twist with the arrival of familiar suburban mall stores like the Disney Store, Abercrombie & Fitch, and H&M, you know, Fifth Avenue is still hanging onto its crown as the ultimate shopping street in New York (and the whole wide world). You see, it’s holding onto its roots with those iconic department stores, those fancy designer boutiques, and, oh my goodness, those jaw-dropping window displays that are absolutely out of this world, especially when the holiday season comes around.

Bond Street, London

Stretching from Piccadilly to Oxford Street, you’ve got Europe’s probably busiest boulevard right here. Believe it or not, this is where you’ll find the fanciest shops on the whole continent. Even if your wallet’s feeling a bit light, don’t worry. As you peek through those store windows, you can still wander along, eyes wide with dreams. And just about a mile down the road, you’ll stumble upon the equally posh Sloane Street. Quite the fancy neighbourhood we’ve got!

Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Right at the heart of Paris, you’ve got this avenue, all dressed up with fancy buildings, hosting the fanciest boutiques in town. It’s where those with a bit of extra in their wallets go all out on designer fashion and sparkly jewellery. And while you’re here, you’ll just know – Paris is truly the centre of all things elegant and stylish.

Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

Imagine having your address right here – in this slice of the world that’s as fancy as they come. Picture a lovely avenue shaded by trees, where the crème de la crème of fashion boutiques and, naturally, those renowned Swiss watches reside. The best part? It’s a spot where walking around is an absolute joy. And the grand finale? The avenue wraps up with none other than the globally acclaimed luxury treat haven, the Confiserie Sprungli.

Via Montenapoleone, Milan

Step into this fashion lover’s heaven: Via Montenapoleone, Milan (one of the planet’s ultimate style capitals). Right here, you’ll find every big-name Italian designer (and even a few from other places) showcasing their creations. But it’s not just about the high-end – there are also those charming ready-to-wear boutiques and glittering jewellery stores that are worth checking. And get this: the street is so prestigious that some of the biggest fashion giants worldwide chose to set up their main offices and headquarters right in this street.

Via Condotti, Rome

If you adore the sweet life, you can’t pass up the shopping haven in the Eternal City. Rome is all about grandeur, which extends to the famous shopping district leading you straight to the iconic Spanish Steps.

Our suggestion? Take it all in at your own pace by walking from one end to the other (you might want to sneak in a gelato break halfway through). And to top off your day of exploration, why not ascend the steps? The reward: an absolutely breathtaking panoramic view of the city and the shopper’s paradise that sprawls beneath.

Oak Street, Chicago

In the bustling Windy City, there are countless neighbourhoods to explore. A dedicated shopper could easily lose a week delving into them all, each offering its own unique charm. However, if your schedule only allows for one shopping adventure, let it be on Oak Street, nestled within the elegant Gold Coast neighbourhood. You will find some of the biggest brands, like Dolce & Gabbana.

Tucked conveniently near the busier Michigan Avenue, Oak Street boasts a collection of only the finest high-end fashion brands. The shops here are nestled within old townhouses along a slender, tree-lined street, creating a cosy and refined atmosphere, quite distinct from the bustling Magnificent Mile.

Ginza, Tokyo

While Europe undeniably claims the lion’s share of prime shopping spots, let’s glance toward Asia’s sparkling treasures. Among them, the enchanting Ginza neighbourhood stands out, a place where a touch of the West blends seamlessly with a deep-rooted cultural essence. It’s a realm where international icons like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton find a home, harmonizing with impressive Japanese emporiums like Wako. This historic gem, dating back to 1894, resides in a resplendent building.

Tokyo isn’t solely a hub for electronics; it unfolds as a sanctuary for brand enthusiasts, trend chasers, and seekers of all things imaginable. Amid the bustling heart of Japan’s capital lies Shinjuku, where grand department stores and chic boutiques reside alongside underground shopping arcades. And for an eco-urban shopping experience, Tokyo Midtown beckons with open arms.


Whether you’ve got a wallet that can handle serious splurging or simply relish the art of admiring from shop windows, these swanky shopping avenues are an absolute must-see. Every single one holds a unique charm that seeps into the essence of the global brands they showcase.

So, which street have you visited already? Tell us in the comments.