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Embodying Prestige In Your Personal Brand

When you’re a business leader, especially one who deals with upmarket clients and other business owners, then your personal brand can matter just as much as the business’s. You want to make sure that you represent your team in the best possible light, and this can mean bringing a touch of prestige with you. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you can better embody this sense of class.

Have an abundance mindset

There are certain industries and occasions in which a sense of frugality and monetary sense are what the client wants to see. In lifestyle industries, however, the abundance mindset is the one that more often wins people over. Create the company culture of investing in quality and class at every layer, giving others the impression that they can expect that kind of treatment from you, as well.

Dress to impress

You should always ensure that you dress professionally and fit for the occasion. However, taking the time to add a few luxe touches here and there can really elevate even the more casual business outfits. That can include anything from monogramming your ties to investing in a touch of luxury jewellery. Making the impression of success and of wealth at a glance, but not in an overly gaudy sense, can do wonders for first-time meetings.

Arrive in style

Whenever you have to travel, try to do it in a way that brings a certain level of prestige and class with it. This doesn’t mean you always have to fly first class, but when you’re arriving at a conference, a meeting, or anything that involves interacting with people outside of the business, services like a luxury car hire can be a great touch. Again, it’s all about that sense of abundance and worth.

Time is money, act that way

Showing prestige and wealth is not about wasting money, but rather about investing it wisely, which includes your appearance and brand. You should think about your time similarly, and make sure that you’re never wasting your own or your clients’ time by being late or missing appointments when it’s possible. Equip your assistant or your phone with the right appointment-tracking tools so that you always know what’s on the schedule ahead of you.

Be picky

Networking and finding the opportunities to get your face and your voice out there is vital to make sure that you’re projecting the value that you’re trying to represent. However, you should always do a little research on any platforms you appear on, as well as who is platforming you. You want to avoid getting too tangled up with platforms that might bring some controversy, or those that simply don’t have a great reputation.

Cultivating a personal brand that gives the impression of luxury, class, and respect is going to help your clients and the wider public see the perception of you and your business as a force to be reckoned with. Always keep that in mind when dealing with those outside the business.