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Should You Buy New or Established? Let’s Explore the Options!

There is nothing like the feeling of buying your first home and in 2023, it is the right time to consider whether you should buy a new house or an established one. It’s actually one of the biggest questions that prospective home buyers ask themselves: should they buy a brand new build, or choose a home that has been standing a while?

No matter what you prefer, you need to speak to expert estate agents to know what the best thing to do is for your area. Not only can they give you the lay of the land when it comes to figuring out whether there are new builds in the area, they will be able to give you a list of pros and cons as to doing it. In this article, we’ve got you covered to answer the question of whether you should buy a new build or pick something that’s been standing for a while.

Buying new: you gain control. Sometimes, it’s not a nice thing to walk through the floorplan that someone else chose. You may have very different ideas as to what you want compared to what someone else has built and that means that you may consider a new build first. A newly built house could be the best thing that you buy for yourself if you are looking for a way to start from scratch.

Buying established: there may be some maintenance. A benefit of an established house is that you don’t have to wait for it to be built before you can move in – it’s already standing. But you will have to consider that there may be maintenance involved. Older homes have more upkeep compared to a new home and you may have to ensure that you have the budget to continuously fix things when they need to be fixed.

Buying new: you could budget for solar. Solar panels do so much for the environment and if you build your own new house, you can opt to put panels on the roof. You can then harness the power of the sun so that you can be more sustainable. Of course, you can add solar panels to an established house but you will have a little more trouble given the shape and size of the roof those panels will be installed on.

Buying established: it’s built to last. One thing that you can say for an established house is that you don’t have to worry about the foundations and walls settling and new cracks appearing. In the wake of rising interest rates, you might think a new build is a better idea, but an established home that has been standing for a century is going to stand a little longer!

Buying new: you can choose your lot. Love waterfront living? You can choose to build a new house at any location and you can choose to build on the water, in the forest and more. Your choice of plot is up to you as long as there’s available land!