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How to Make Your Property Appeal to Luxury Clients

Knowing the best approach to list your property is often easy. Things get complicated when searching for the perfect buyer. Whether you work in property management or are selling your luxury home (vacation or otherwise), you want to make sure it goes to the right people. This means you need to attract luxury clients that won’t mess you around, but this is easier said than done. If you have a luxury property for sale and a specific type of buyer in mind, consider these tips to appeal to luxury clients. 

Pay Attention to Details 

For many luxury home buyers, the appeal all comes from the details. Your property can look as stunning as grand as anything else from the outside, yet it’s the smaller things, especially those a luxury client would look for, which matter the most. This might involve the beauty of the imported carpet that ties the space together, Venetian blinds, or even cohesive handles and trimmings that unify a visual theme from room to room.

You can find these details in many luxury properties, yet each home is slightly different depending on where it’s based. Working with the likes of Orana Property for your listing can help you separate the everyday details from the luxury ones and improve your chances of selling. 

Host a Party Rather Than an Open House 

Open houses are far too common don’t you think? While the average homebuyer wants a quick tour to imagine all the things they could do with the home, luxury buyers prefer to take their time and get a feel for what they would do should they purchase the house. 

A party is a much classier affair than an open house. It feels exclusive, and it allows you to invite people from the right professional or social circles. This approach means you can mingle with the higher side of society and helps you sell yourself as much as you are trying to sell the property. 

Tailor Your Listing For Each Client 

Although typical listings cover everything you need to know about the home, a luxury property demands a more customised touch. You want to appeal to luxury clients by showing them how they will find the property personally, rather than using a lazy catch-all description.

Tailoring your listing for each client will make them feel important and as if they are the only clients worth speaking to. It also allows you to appeal to a broader range, whether young couples or families or wealthy retirees who feel they deserve a place like this. 

Have Patience 

If there’s one thing you must avoid when selling your home, it’s desperation, which is something any luxury buyer will spot from several furlongs off. 

It’s beneficial to have patience, especially as many luxury clients are not in any rush to buy right now. Unlike your average buyer, they have as much time as they do money, so they will be happy to wait a while, balance their options and think about whether this is the right home for them. As long as you remember other advice, they should still put an offer in. 


A luxury property demands luxury inhabitants. These tips should open up more illustrious avenues and help you find the perfect people to take control of the home, allowing them to enjoy the high-class features and amenities that you have.