You are currently viewing Britain’s best kept secrets – Hidden gem road trip spots for this summer

Britain’s best kept secrets – Hidden gem road trip spots for this summer

The 10 best hidden gem road trip spots for this summer across the UK have been revealed

Road trip spots for this summer include Aberlady Bay in Scotland, the Malvern Hills in the West Midlands and Lundy Island in Devon. 

Motoring experts at have named the ten best hidden gem roadtrip spots for those seeking to find undiscovered yet beautiful places across the country.

With the rise in the number of Brits wanting to spend their summer holidays in the country rather than go abroad this year, experts have researched ten magnificent and unique spots across the UK.

With stunning views of the rugged landscape, and picturesque natural settings, there are several spots across the country which remain undiscovered to the majority of visitors.

Minack Theatre in Cornwall is a unique piece of architecture, set in the rock overlooking the sea.

Dewstow Gardens in Wales is perfect for history and outdoor lovers alike, as the gardens were only recently excavated and is full of underground grottes and unique rockpools.

Aberlady Bay is close to Edinburgh yet isn’t as popular with tourists, despite its panoramic views over the stunning Scottish landscape.

Tim Alcock from said: “For those of us planning to stay in the country this summer, there are plenty of unique and wonderful spots not far from home.

“Just a short drive away from the more busy areas, lies several hidden gems offering picturesque views, unique history and attractive natural environments.

“Some of the more remote spots, such as Lundy Island off the coast of Devon, or St Kilda in Scotland, offer ferry trips for visitors wanting to explore the more isolated areas of the country.

“Up and down the country there are numerous hidden gem destinations which boast gorgeous views of the local landscapes, yet they remain largely undiscovered by the majority of visitors.”

Malvern Hills, West Midlands

Stretching over Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, the Malvern Hills were formed out of some of the oldest rock in England. The stunning panoramic views along the 13 km stretch of hills and the natural mineral water springs for walkers to explore, makes the Malvern Hills a great place to explore the rural countryside.

Lundy Island, Devon

Just 10 miles from mainlane (Devon) but lying in the Bristol Channel, Lundy Island is a small but fascinating destination. Visitors can book a cottage to stay on Lundy, and experience the attractive scenery, wildlife, flora and fauna.

St Kilda, Scotland

Now uninhabited, St Kilda is a remote group of islands in the Outer Hebrides of northern Scotland. Covered in historic ruins, unique flora and fauna, seabirds, as well as the rugged landscape, St Kilda is a must-see for visitors to Scotland this summer.

Glenariff Waterfall, Northern Ireland

Spectacular waterfalls are to be discovered at Glenariff in Northern Ireland, where visitors can walk through the river gorge and through the nature reserve. Full of rare species and pretty ferns and mosses, the natural environment is perfect for a picturesque day trip.

Minack Theatre, Cornwall

A open-air theatre cut into the rockface and jutting out into the crystal blue sea makes Minack Theatre in Cornwall one of the most unique spots in the country. With regular performances, this near-100 year old marvellous piece of architecture is one to visit this summer.

Teesdale Way, Cumbria

Teeside Way in the north of England is a stunning long distance walk, reaching 100-miles. The Way largely follows the River Tees and passes through unique surroundings, making the remote experience perfect for those looking to explore the remarkable landscapes.

Dewstow Gardens, Wales

These historical gardens in Monmouthshire were only discovered 20 years ago, but were built in the 1890s. The recently excavated gardens are full of unique rockpools, ponds and underground grottoes and caves which were buried underneath soil in the 1950s. This historic site is, quite literally, one of the most hidden gem spots in the UK.

Ladybower Reservoir, Derbyshire

This distinctive Y-shape reservoir in the Peak District is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, with plenty of walking and cycling routes nearby. This spot also holds a unique history – the building of Ladybower Reservoir in the mid 1930s and 40s, saw the submergence of several villages, and in extreme dry conditions, the village of Derwent can be seen.

Robin Hood’s Bay, Yorkshire

Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire is an old fishing village filled with ancient fossils and rock pools to explore along the sandy beach. With stunning coastal walks with views of the natural beauty of Yorkshire, this old smuggler’s village is well worth a visit.

Aberlady Bay, Scotland

With sweeping views of the sea, Aberlady Bay in Scotland is just half an hour away from Edinburgh, and offers visitors plenty of beautiful walks and is popular with bird spotters. The UK’s first ever Local Nature Reserve, Aberlady Bay is great for those of all ages to explore the panoramic views of the sandy beach.

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