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10 Tips To Stay Safe While Solo Travelling

In this article we share the top tips to stay safe while solo travelling

Solo travellers have been urged to take the necessary safety steps to ensure their trip of a lifetime runs smoothly without risk.

Travel experts at Panache Cruises are sharing their advice for lone holidaymakers to avoid putting themselves at risk when jetting off on their own.

Bookings for solo travel have almost doubled since the pandemic – 14% of travellers were planning a solo trip in 2019, but now 23% plan on venturing alone.

But despite this surge in individuals wanting to experience the world on their own, there are still several barriers in place putting some travellers off.

Personal safety remains top of the list for obstacles why solo travellers, particularly females, feel like they can’t take a holiday alone.

To protect their own safety, one of the most important things to do if travelling alone is to share live locations with others and update friends and family on itineraries.

There are a wealth of mobile phone apps which are designed to keep you safe by sharing your location in real-time with friends and loved-ones.

Solo travellers should also take time to create an emergency plan, knowing where the local hospital and police stations are as well as remembering the emergency phone numbers for each country.

James Cole, founder of Panache Cruises said: “A solo trip often becomes the trip of a lifetime. It’s really liberating to take in all the different languages and landscapes in your own time without having to worry about anyone else.

“It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.  You can quickly immerse yourself in unique cultures and go wherever you want to go.

“The lessons and knowledge you gain from exploring new countries alone can lead to once-in-a-lifetime experiences and a path of self-discovery.

“But travelling to an unknown place on your own can also be unsettling if you don’t put safety measures in place. That’s why the most important thing when going on holiday alone is to protect your own safety first and foremost.

“Protect yourself against tourist crime by researching the local scams in each area and keep your valuables close by and completely out of sight.

“Never tell a stranger you are travelling alone as this can put you in a really vulnerable position and before leaving make sure you have all the correct travel insurance documents to hand in case of an emergency.

“The experiences and memories from a solo trip are truly priceless but it’s crucial to not forget your safety always comes first.”

Panache Cruises’ Top 10 Safety Tips for Solo Travellers:

Inform people of location

Before going away make sure to let friends and family know of the trip and make sure to keep them updated with any changes to the itinerary. Keep in regular contact and turn on live location so someone at home knows where you are at all times.

Create an emergency plan

Be prepared for emergencies by knowing where the local hospital, police station and other useful spots are in each city. Learn key phrases such as ‘I need help’ or ‘Ring for an ambulance’ in the local language as well as the emergency phone numbers.

Protect valuables

It’s a good idea to not pack anything of sentimental value and only bring along what is really necessary – like a credit card, local currency, passport and a mobile phone. Keep these hidden in a secure bag out of sight at all times.

Protect themselves against crime

Solo travellers should stay safe from local crime and tourist scams by researching the destination beforehand. Read up on travel guides, blogs, news sites, and talk to others who have visited the area to learn about any potential risks.

Book solo accommodation

Booking shared accommodation such as hostels poses more risks than booking a solo room. Many travel providers now make sure to include smaller rooms or cabins for those who are holidaying alone, such as Oceania Cruises, but it’s a good idea to book ahead early to get a spot.

Choose accommodation with caution

Check the hotel or hostel is in a safe location and close to public transport and restaurants. Travellers should also check the accommodation’s check-in timings to not spend time waiting around in an unknown environment.

Travel Insurance

Travellers are advised to protect themselves from unforeseen events by getting travel insurance. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance can help recover damages from issues such as weather and natural disasters. Medical insurance can cover unexpected costs, while luggage insurance can help recover losses from theft or delays.

Study the local language

Tourists are encouraged to learn the local language not just to enrich their travel experience but also to keep themselves safe, especially when visiting less popular tourist destinations.

Be respectful of local culture

To reduce vulnerability and avoid drawing attention, travellers should dress appropriately to respect the local culture. Some countries may require hair to be covered up and not too much skin to be on show.

Never tell strangers they are travelling alone

Finally, solo travellers should never share too much with strangers else risk making themselves become a target. Instead of telling someone they are solo travelling, let them know that friends are just waiting up ahead or back in the hotel room.

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