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The Best Spring Candles to Burn Now

Spring is officially in the air, and it’s a glorious feeling. Out of the bleakness of January and February, there’s light and the promise of a new tomorrow. Birds are chirping, flowers are emerging from the soil and the sun is reaching through the clouds. 

It’s so easy to associate spring with floral scents, but I wanted to share some different spring-like candles with you, that represent spring in all its forms and temperamental weathers. There are fields of wild flowers, but there’s also rainfall and hot cross bun baking. Celebrate the season of new beginnings with these five perfect spring scented candles.

Charlotte Rhys Scented Medium Candle in Spring Flowers – £32 from Charlotte Rhys Cape Town

Spring Candles

The Spring Flowers candle from Charlotte Rhys does exactly what it says on the tin – fill your home with the scent of a field of fresh spring flowers. The brand is Vegan, cruelty-free and also made sustainably. This scent will remind you of strolls through National Trust gardens, admiring the beautiful flowers in bloom. Top notes of rose, ylang-ylang and orange blossom mix with a heart of plum, clove, violet and hawthorn, to a base of musk and jasmine. It’s an interesting complex scent that makes you stop and think about the different notes you are smelling.

Scandinavisk REGN (After The Rainfall) Scented Candle – £35 from Scandinavisk

This candle will envoke the little April showers that the UK is famous for. It’s that glorious scent of grass after the rain has fallen – fresh, light and green. Wet grass mixes with peony flower and slippery pavements. The candle is sustainably made with Swedish rapeseed wax and a beechwood lid. It’s a candle that makes you feel like a fresh start is possible; that the sun, and everything that comes with it, will emerge after the rain.

Soak Sunday Cleo’s Paradise Limited Edition Luxury Candle – £40 from Soak Sunday

Spring Candles

This limited edition candle from Vegan and cruelty-free brand Soak Sunday is a real joy. When you imagine the toasty cosy scents of autumn spices, this candle puts a spring twist on that homely, spiced scent we all love in the Fall. Spring flower honey and soothing oatmeal, mixes with vanilla, honeycomb and toasted oats. It will make you image hot cross bun baking with the sun outside and the scents of spring flowers drifting in through the kitchen window. A delightful, comforting spring scent that’s a limited edition, so snap this up whilst you still can.

Candalia Spring Bouquet Candle – £30 from Candalia London

Spring exactly as you’d expect it – gardens of colourful blooms and their complex mix of scents. Top notes of green grass and foliage mix with a heart of bountiful jasmine, wisteria and lily of the valley, and a base of white tea for added freshness. This beautiful candle is 100% recyclable, is sustainably packaged and is made from natural wax. Spring Bouquet from UK brand Candalia delivers exactly what you’d expect from a quintessentially spring candle.

Whist New Hope Charity Candle – £28.50 from Whist

Spring Candles

Purchases of this charity candle will help New Hope Animal Rescue in Kent, England. It does indeed smell of fresh opportunities and renewed vigour. It’s a clean, fresh blend of uplifting essential oils. A citrus burst of lemongrass sits on a herbal base of rosemary, creating an inspiring scent that seems of make a promise of brighter days ahead. Definitely one to burn in the morning to get you set up for the day ahead.

Bring the scents of the new season into your home this spring with one of these five beautiful spring candles!

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Laura Pearson