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The Beauty Benefits of Silk

Silk is not just aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the touch, it also has a host of beauty benefits for the skin and hair. It’s a boujie fabric that feels like a treat to the senses and the epitome of self-care. Try incorporating it into your beauty and sleep routines now. You won’t look back.

Mask It

Covid has left us with a lot of things, but one that’s not likely to disappear any time soon, is our requirement to go about our daily lives wearing face masks over our noses and mouths. If you are in a job where this is also part of your daily working life, you will no doubt have seen the consequences written on your skin. There’s dry skin from the abrasivness of the fabric, to newly coined term ‘maskne’ (breakouts as a direct result of wearing a face mask). Especially if you wear makeup, these breakouts occur from oil, sweat and bacteria being trapped between your skin and your mask for prolonged periods of time. A silk mask is gentler on the skin and it allows your skin to breathe more. It also helps to keep your makeup in place, whereas with other fabrics, the mask will end up wearing more than you.

If we have to suffer the hardship of wearing a face mask, we should at least make sure it is as pleasant an experience as it can be. A silk mask will change your life and your skin with thank you for it.

The Laid Club The Face Cover – £24 from The Laid Club

The Laid Club’s silk face coverings are made from the finest long fibre 100% mulberry silk. As silk is more breathable than other fabrics, there is a pocket inside where you can insert a paper filter to help filter the air you breathe to keep you as safe as possible during the pandemic. The masks are also infused with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to make sure your skin never feels dry or irritated. This might be a boujie choice, but it’s a practical one too – these masks are completely machine-washable.

Wrap It

It’s not just your skin that will benefit with the addition of more silk products in your life. Silk is a godsend to your hair, especially if yours is dry or frizzy in nature. The material is kind to the hair and helps to calm your locks. Using a silk hair bobble or scrunchie will really prevent hair breakage significantly, compared to an ordinary bobble that snags and traps hair.

Lying on a silk pillowcase at night will also make a noticeable difference to the condition of your hair. When we lie on other fabrics, our hair is constantly rubbed, creating static and friction. A silk pillowcase will allow your hair to glide over its surface, making it so much more manageable by morning. Also consider a silk turban if you want to take even better care of your hair.

The Silk Beauty Co Bow Scrunchie – £12 from The Silk Beauty Co

These are the prettiest of hair ties and would look just as good as a fashion accessory on your wrist as they do in your hair. They are 100% mulberry silk and add a beautiful feminine touch to any look. Let your hair glide over these scrunchies as it holds the strands gently in place without snagging your hair or leaving kinks in it.

The Laid Club Laid Scrunchie in Caramel – £10 from The Laid Club

The most perfect and most gentle of hair accessories to always have at hand to scrape your hair up off your face. Not only are they made from the highest grade, long fibre, 100% mulberry silk; but they are also infused with Hyaluronic Acid to keep moisture in your hair and keep it looking soft and sleek.

Slip Silk Pillowcase – From £85 at Slip

These are the best quality silk pillowcases you’ll find. They look and feel incredible and come in a whole range of colours. Their specially commissioned is like no other and has been developed over a decade to create the perfect combination of shine, softness, thickness and durability. This highest grade mulberry silk has a glorious thickness of 22 gomme, making it the ultimate in luxury as you sleep. It doesn’t just look after your hair either. Sleeping on silk will stop sleep lines and creases on your face when you wake up, and it will also allow more of your evening skincare to penetrate your skin rather than get rubbed off on your pillowcase.

Rest Under It

Another silk item you need to add into your life is a silk sleep mask. Like a silk pillowcase or face mask, these have the same benefits to your skin. Sleeping with one of these will keep your delicate eye area crease-free and will allow the highest levels of efficacy from your eye cream. You will wake up looking more rested, with hydrated under-eyes that haven’t had a night of rubbing against a cotton pillowcase.

The Silk Beauty Co Silk Eye Mask – £25 from The Silk Beauty Co

A beautiful treat for your most delicate area of skin. It’s silky smooth, soft, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic. Not only does it care for your skin, it’s also very effective at blocking out the light; giving you an delightful, uninterupted night’s sleep.

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Laura Pearson