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Outlaw Rum Born in Trinadad Aged In Scotland

Outlaw Rum is aged to perfection in the oak whiskey casks of Scotland’s finest single malts. This unique maturation process is what gives Outlaw Rum it’s complex flavour and rich character. The Spirit is born of the age old Caribbean Rum making tradition and then steeped in the heritage and renown of the Scottish Whisky Trade.

Outlaw Rum is the first company in the UK, maturing premium amber cask Caribbean aged Rum, in a further maturation cycle, in hand picked single malts casks in their own bonded warehouse. Outlaw Rum doing this in the back garden of the whisky elite of Dufftown (Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Mortlach)

Producing better spirit, we believe in many cases.

Their bespoke Rum from the Caribbean is a blend of 3, 5, 7 and 10-11 year old Rum. Outlaw Rum then mature the Rum further in bespoke casks from the Speyside Cooperage. The “flagship” Outlaw Rum is about 9 months to 12 months, Speyside and Highland cask matured in the second maturation, before bottled and the special editions single cask Rums are a year to 16 months depending on how the Rum is maturing in their bonded warehouse. For what it’s worth Outlaw Rum flagship just got 93 points / silver at 2021 IWSC (2 points off of Gold), the Islay cask 5 got 92 points this year at IWSC – not bad for the first 2 bottlings.  


Outlaw limited cask releases capture the very best of our unique maturation process. Taking spirit from only the finest single casks and bottled only when it’s at its very best.

Islay Limited Release

Limited to just 983 bottles this is the inaugural bottling of Outlaw Rum limited edition cask releases. Famed for strong distinctive peaty whiskies, they have used rare Islay casks to add an unrivalled finish to this rum.

NOSE: Wood fire and sweet caramel combined, peat and sweetness, moving to slight vanilla and a hint of toffee, melding into some oakiness with smoothness and mellow smoke / ash

TASTE: Not unlike the nose, very smooth combined of smoke beginning and caramel rich sweetness, vanilla and toffee. Then comes soft satsuma orange Portugal zest with some oakiness or wood and a hint of sherry. The longer finish continues the rich smoothness, smoke balanced with creamy or buttery notes with a hint of baking spice. There can also be some coconut right at the end.


Rum has been a premium crafted spirit in the Caribbean since the 1880s. Copper pot stills and the US market are initially what gave the rum market its international acclaim. Greater demand then continued from the UK and Europe.

Outlaw Rum Scottish Whisky


Two prestigious distilling histories come together, nestled out of sight in the foothills of the Cairngorms. On the border of Speyside, the heart of Scottish malt Whisky country, is the location for this truly unique and rarest of cask maturations.

Two life-long friends set out on a journey to create a unique spirit of unrivalled character in the backyards of the whisky royalty. With their bespoke Rum blend, Jim and Pat escape the trappings the global energy sector, set out on this adventure with one goal in mind; create something truly special to show the quality of finished Rum as a global premium spirit. Within 2 years, this passion project has grown into a real contender in the spirits market, ready to take on all comers.


Beginning in the famed dunder pits of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago a specialist premium grade rum has been distilled in column stills, to the finest specification. Never destined for a life in the Caribbean, the spirit was a sailed over sea and through storm, to rest in the heart of Malt whisky country, where its unique cask maturation process rubs shoulders with the whisky elite. Utilising the very best wood management and specific cask selection, the spirit evolves its unique nose and taste profile.


Quarterly bottlings of the flagship “Outlaw Rum” with Bi-annual bottlings of special release editions, span region and taste profiles – creating a range of premium aged rums that truly embody the spirit of craft and enterprise. Brought together for your enjoyment, Outlaw Rum stands as one of the very best premium sipping rums on the market today.