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Knowing How to Identify High-Quality Jewellery

Whether you’re buying gifts or investments, it’s vital to know that you’re purchasing high-quality jewellery. You’d think this was easy, but low-quality replicas have become easier to design and manufacture than ever, meaning many people buy what they think is an expensive piece but turns out to be a run-of-the-mill imitation. For someone who wants to look luxurious, here are the easiest ways to identify high-quality jewellery. 

The Material

Anyone used to wearing or dealing with high-quality jewellery will immediately be able to tell high from low quality due to the material. Common materials used in everyday high street jewellery include zinc alloy, which wears off quickly and loses its sheen. Sure, it’s affordable, but it lacks the quality most people look for from chains or bracelets. 

On the other hand, sterling silver, which you can find with these square St Christopher pendants, or Gold or Rose Gold, are fantastic materials that will keep their shine and immediately improve any outfit choice. 

The Cost 

The cost is also a strong indicator of quality. Typically, the more expensive the jewellery, the higher quality it is. This is a general rule that’s easy to stick to, especially when you purchase your accessories from reputable companies or sellers and if you know what to look for. 

Taking gold as an example, authentic metal will be reflected in the price of a gram of gold. While it varies depending on the market, a single gram of gold costs around £50. So, if your jewellery is entirely gold and weighs more than a gram but comes at a cheaper cost, you know it isn’t authentic. Some sellers will charge high-quality prices for low-quality jewellery, which leads to the next point. 

The Seller 

Some sellers are not as trustworthy as they seem and they know that they can trick inexperienced jewellery buyers into purchasing fake pieces. You should always exercise caution and check for Hallmark certification to guarantee authenticity. 

You can also carry out the magnet test, which is when impure metal jewellery will be attracted to magnets and is a sign that it is not real. Hopefully, you have your receipt to get your refund. 

The Care Instructions 

Care instructions for luxury jewellery are often comprehensive as the manufacturer wants to help you clean your pieces without damaging the metal or stones beyond repair. Conversely, a cheap knock-off may be less clear about instructions, especially if it has come from overseas. 

These instructions may damage or break the chain, pendant or affect stones and other details. If you’re ever uncertain about how to clean your jewellery, trace it back to the source to keep it bright and sparkling. 

Luxury Accessories 

The right jewellery can make or break an outfit. From stunning pearl necklaces that make a cocktail dress pop to the right watch that brings style and functionality to your office attire, many different items can enhance your style. By ensuring that each piece is genuine, you avoid common problems from low-quality junk that can affect your style and leave strange green stains around your neck.