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How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

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Have you recently moved into a new home? Or are you just wanting to improve the look of your house? Perhaps you’ve recently stayed in a plush hotel and want to recreate this feel for yourself? No matter what it is, if you’re looking to make your home feel and look more luxurious, it doesn’t need to be too difficult. In fact, there are many small things you can do that will instantly elevate the feel of where you live, ticking all the boxes and having you wonder just what you didn’t do it sooner. Here are some top ways to make your home feel luxurious without too much effort. 

Consider your colour scheme

The colour scheme of your home is one of the main things that can turn it from drab to fab. If you just have plain white walls and a neutral carpet it can feel dull and cheap, yet it’s easy to break this up. Consider adding things such as a picture rail to border your ceiling – this can also create the illusion of higher ceilings. Try to marry together different neutral shades and if possible, add in elements such as wooden floors to bring in a bit of colour without being too dramatic. If you do like to add colour to your home, it could be worth considering a feature wall. This allows you to add a spot of eccentricity or something more colourful to your home without it being too “in your face” or over the top. 

Accessorise well

Accessories have the power to transform a space and aren’t something to skrimp on. There are beautiful luxury stores that sell a host of accessories, from candles and coffee table books, to lamps and rugs. When thinking of accessorising your place, consider how the colours and materials will all work together. It’s important to consider it a jigsaw that you’re putting together rather than just a mish  mash of random items. Something that might look nice in the store, might not work when you put it with all your other things. You want to also consider the height your accessories are placed. If you have everything on one level the space can feel boring and small. Instead you want some to be higher and others lower to keep the gaze travelling around the space. This instantly adds a more luxurious feel. Remember that accessories can be anything from a designer candle to a dressing gown from a label such as Richard Haworth hanging off hooks in the bathroom.

Invest in large art pieces

One thing you always see in luxurious venues is large art pieces. These are the ideal way to draw attention to a space in a room as well as exude luxury. You could put a large art piece above the bed or sofa in the front room, or to fill a blank space in your hallway. No matter where you put it, ensure you have it in a nice frame or that the canvas is high enough that it won’t get knocked off the wall and damaged. There are a host of art fayres you could attend if you are looking for new pieces, as well as pieces that are sold online. Just be sure to verify its legitimacy before parting with any cash. This will ensure you aren’t ripped off and are only buying genuine pieces of art if this is what you are paying a price tag for.

Create more of an open plan living space

An open plan living space is another great way to make your home more luxurious. Open plan really opens up a space, making it look larger and more welcoming. Most people tend to have an open plan kitchen and dining space or kitchen and living space. If you want to do this, it’s worth adding in an island to create some separation as well as being a practical element to your kitchen. You could add stools for casual dining, or you could have it as an island to hold your hob for when you’re cooking your food – the choice is yours. Again, check social media sites for some great examples of open plan living spaces and what they could look like in your home.

Make sure it smells nice

Scent is super important for the feel of a place so you want to ensure your home always smells nice. Some people like to have a signature scent and stick with the same one both throughout and all the time, whereas others like to switch it up. You could have a heavier scent in a larger room for example, or you might want something fresher for the bathroom. You could add scent with things such as plug-in air fresheners, or room sprays that you can spray when it needs a boost. You could also invest in some luxurious reed diffusers and candles. It’s a good idea to switch these up throughout the year depending on the seasons. In the winter you will want warm berry scents, while in the summer you will want something much lighter. Having something by the front door is always a nice idea as it gives your guests a fresh and luxurious smell the second they walk in the door, offering a great first impression.

These are just a few top ways you can make your home feel luxurious in no time at all. Remember to check out sites such as Pinterest which offer beautiful imagery to help inspire you on how to implement a more luxurious feel in your home. It can also be a good idea to check out local thrift stores to see if you can find a bargain – you might be able to find a beautiful antique mirror or dresser that can instantly make your home feel more luxurious. What ways do you like to make your home feel more luxurious? Have you given it an update recently? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!