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Dr. Yosef Alhasany speaks about What is the ‘Fake Self’

Dr. Yosef Alhasany ( Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan ) is well known for his unique psychoanalytic medical approach to help clients recover from depression, general anxiety disorder, OCD, and panic attacks. Discovering this unique approach didn’t come without its hardships. Dr. Yosef understands what it’s like, having gone through these common disorders himself, and from tried and tested strategies, he aims to apply a more realistic psychoanalytic approach to his patients’ healing.

Dr. Yosef was born in Kuwait, but has an extensive professional career reaching worldwide. He graduated at the top of his batch as a Doctor of Bachelor’s in General Medicine and Surgery from Kuwait, he is certified in Psychoanalysis, a Trainee in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from the American BECK Institute, and a Consultant Relationship Trainer from the American Board in Training.
He owns his independent private clinic in Kuwait and his institute of psychoanalysis to teach his way and method and spread the knowledge. He is considered as an entrepreneur in the Arabian gulf countries.

What is the ‘Fake Self’?

After battling with various disorders for years, Dr. Yosef realized there was no actual treatment and the traditional psychiatric approach didn’t truly bring the healing needed, only masking symptoms. Additionally, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works, as Dr. Yosef believes, but it is limited in its approach, he explains, ‘especially in the number of sessions. 12 sessions is not enough and it doesn’t dig deep into the roots of the issues.’

Dr.Yosef Alhasany shares how he will always remember, and practice by, a quote his friend read to him, ‘Where is the glory in doing what someone else has already done?’, and ever since, it has been his goal to create his own original therapy, and with help from valuable mentors, he realized psychoanalysis creates the foundation for true healing.

The core of this approach is that it is realistic versus traditional methods that end up ‘dragging’ patients along, which becomes superficial and has nothing to do with reality.

So, instead of dragging his patients along, Dr. Yosef Alhasany’s new therapy tool does deep digging into the root of the issue.

He starts dissecting the ‘fake self’, as he refers to it, which is a large part of the human psyche that’s been conditioned over many years from childhood, belief systems adopted from society, family, and religious structures, emotional suppression, and other psychological complexes.

With deep analysis of these issues over a long term the patient will become more conscious of it so that it can be dealt with and the true self can come forward, which is what Dr. Yosef stands for as a doctor – to reconstruct people’s view on reality.

Dr. Yosef also believes in raising the collective consciousness of the world, he started with himself, then his country, and then he leveraged the power of social media by sharing his work and inspiration through his Instagram platform, which has more than 1.4 million followers.

Dr. Yosef is inspired by the work of Jordan Peterson and shares a similar philosophy with him who also shares it with the collective consciousness through books and videos. He is influenced by the originality of Medical doctor, Gabor Mate, an addiction specialist who also created his own psychotherapy methods.

Dr. Yosef Alhasany conducted tens of seminars in the Arab states, namely, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait and offers numerous online programs and courses around the topics of psychological nodes in emotional relationships, self-confidence, self-love, choosing a life partner, the psychology in the Arab world, and more – these are available from Dr. Yosef Alhasany’s website.

He shares additional articles about mental and emotional wellness on his website, including posting regular videos on his YouTube channel where he shares a series of case studies with emphasis on relationship and marriage dynamics between men and women in the Arab worlds.

His best sellers’ books:

Dr. Yosef issued his first book titled ‘Your Psychological Subconsciousness Complexes: Are Your Maternal Prison?’ with the subtitle, ‘The Realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds’ in mid of 2021. His book explores various psychological complexes digging deep in the roots of these complexes for both women and men in the Arab world. This book had more than 15 million copies sold in less than 2 years.

His second book was issues in third quarter of 2022 titled “Know Your Other Face” which included 15 rules in three main sections: Your Other Face in Passion Life, Your Other Face in Family Bonds, Your Other Face in Sexual Life. This book also was sold more than 5 million copies in less than a year.

His books are considered as a curriculum in the foundation of the root causes related to the social misconceptions which contributed greatly in creating the phycological complexes suffered by men and women in the middle east in particular.
Both of his books are based on concepts like traditional marriage, toxic masculinity, and other gender-based issues faced by both Arab women and men, taken from real life cases especially from his thousands of clients he treated.