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Elevate Brunch with Petrossian Caviar

Elevate your Eggs with Petrossian Caviar

Petrossian Caviar the finest caviar and expert since 1920

There are few things that could improve Sunday brunch, but adding caviar to it is certainly one. Whether you’re hosting a gourmet brunch for friends, treating yourself to a decadent breakfast in bed or just looking for inspiration to break with tradition, Petrossian has the best brunch ideas right here. Eggs Florentine? Better with caviar. Smoked salmon bagel? Make it truffle infused. Plain old boiled egg? Caviar crown, now we’re talking. Buttery scrambled eggs on toast? Ditch the salt – add dried Fleur de Caviar.  

The world renowned Parisian purveyors of caviar and other delicacies are here to elevate your eggs, zhoosh up your smoked salmon and perfect your pancakes. Petrossian caviar and the various exciting and innovative ‘Caviar Creations’ can be used as an alternative to traditional seasoning, as well as adding flair to any dish. Petrossian also produce the most delicious smoked salmon around, including their legendary Tsar Cut variety, infused with truffle.  

Petrossian Caviar

Pancakes are an essential brunch dish, and for a Petrossian spin on the American style try this recipe for fluffy pancakes made with whisked egg whites and cooked at a low temperature, garnished with a fresh herb fromage frais and smoked salmon. Fans of the traditional crepe might like this recipe with smoked salmon, salmon roe, fresh cream and lemon. 

Petrossian Caviar

Feeling adventurous? Try whipping up these vegetable nests topped with a baked egg and caviar. Looks impressive, and can use seasonal vegetables throughout the year. 

Petrossian Caviar

Upgrade traditional boiled eggs with an accompaniment of toast soldiers topped with cream and Petrossian’s special 1835 Pressed Caviar. The melting texture of the pressed caviar paired with the smoothness of the cream and the egg yolk will create an exquisitely gourmet tasting experience.  

Petrossian Caviar for brunch

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